Mixed hors doeuvres£6.10
Seaweed, prawn on toast, spare ribs, veg rolls, chicken satay

Quarter Crispy aromatic duck£9.50
Served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion & hoi sin sauce

Half Crispy aromatic duck£17.80
Served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion & hoi sin sauce

Crispy Aromatic Lamb£9.00

Prawn Cocktail Delight£4.60

Butterfly King Prawn£6.50

Golden Butter King Prawn£6.60

Pancake Rolls£3.40

Vegetable Spring Rolls£3.90

Thai Mini Spring Rolls£4.20

Fried Onion Rings£3.50

Deep Fried Stuffed Crab Claws£5.60

Sesame Prawn On Toast£4.50

Crispy Seaweed£4.00
(chopped green)

Grilled Pork Dumpling£4.60

Satay Chicken On Skewers£6.10

Satay Prawn On Skewers£6.80

Crispy Won Ton With Sweet & Sour Sauce£4.70

Curry Samosa£4.50

Smoked Shredded Chicken£6.20

Thai Spicy Chicken Wings£4.90

Thai Fish Cakes£6.00

Dry Spare Ribs£6.30

Barbeque Spare Ribs£6.30

Sweet n Sour Spare Ribs£6.30

Honey Spare Ribs£6.30

Spare Ribs Peking Style£6.30

Spare Ribs with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce£6.30

Spare Ribs with Plum Sauce£6.30

Spare Ribs with Kung Po Sauce£6.30

Prawn Crackers£2.10

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